Community Message

Black Lives Matter

Given the recent events surrounding the matters of systemic racism and police brutality experienced in the U.S., we at LXR would like to reiterate our unwavering solidarity with the Black community, the Black Lives Matter cause, and to reaffirm our long standing commitment, as is enshrined in our Code of Conduct and Core values (see our website under Corporate Governance, Code of Conduct and Ethics) to maintaining a diverse work force based on respect and equality. 

As an organization, we live and breathe what we stand for and are proud to have very diverse senior management and field teams as to background, gender and sexual orientation. We continue to evolve our value set through listening and learning and always embracing diversity and inclusivity in how we serve our LXR community across the U.S, Canada and Japan.  


Valerie Sorbie, Board Chair & Office of the President


Currently Shipping Across North America 

We will be sharing our updates here, as the international business environment continues to be impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

April 17, 2020: We are now shipping again throughout North America. We thank you enormously for your patience as we navigate this new world together.   

April 3, 2020: With the objective of safeguarding the health and welfare of our employees and consumers and in response to health directives from the local Board of Health in which we operate, effective today, the company is temporarily suspending its e-commerce fulfilment activities.  While the objective is to reopen on or before April 17th, the near-term uncertainty about the duration of this closure makes it such that our ability to guarantee shipping dates for the time being will not be possible.

Our Message of Connection 

Dear Friends, Followers, and Customers

We are in unprecedented times. Amidst these global events, we wanted to reach out and share a message of connection.

To begin, it is important to us that you understand that we are taking all necessary steps to protect the safety of our customers, employees, and partners. This is of paramount importance – and nothing could be more critical.

In the meantime, while we practice appropriate social distancing, remains open every day. Our Customer Care team remains available by email, phone, and live chat to answer your questions and act as your personal concierge. We will be sharing stories and moments of connection through our social channels as well, so we welcome you to join us if that helps to bring hope into your day.

Take the best care of yourselves during this period of international quiet. Reflect, spend virtual time with those closest to you, embrace organizing and reading and learning. Just be, as you are.

We look forward to getting through this more connected than ever, together.


Valerie Sorbie and Cam di Prata
Office of the President