Charles Paquin - Winter bags you won’t want to miss out on this season.

Winter bags you won’t want to miss out on this season.

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What’s more stunning than a fine black handbag clashing agaisn’t freshly fallen snow on a cold winter’s day? Well the Medium Classic Flap is definitely our top pick for the job. Although this Chanel classic is not limited to your winter wardrobe, it easily brings some of that luxury feel we’re all more than happy to welcome during the colder season. Most often found in richly-textured caviar or lambskin, the fine black leather that made the Medium Classic Flap so famous is complemented by gold silver-toned hardware. Speaking of gold, did you know that the value of Chanel’s Medium Classic Flap has outpaced that of gold over a 30 year period? In 1990, the value of the coveted bag was worth 1150$ and in 2022… the bag has a value of 8800$! By contrast, an ounce of gold in 1990 was worth 391$, while now being worth 1818$ in 2022. That’s a 750% increase versus 450%! This is not financial advice, but we think that’s quite a worthwhile investment. Our double authentication process guarantees that when you buy used designer handbags from LXR you’re getting what you pay for - and that’s an authentic Chanel bag worth your money. Now whether you’re looking for your next statement piece or an investment for yourself, come check out our used Chanel handbags at LXR. 

 Medium Classic Flap used designer handbags


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Anotner Chanel icon - the Medallion Tote. We know winters can get bulky, shapeless, and well - there’s no arguing that. Yet this Chanel Tote reels in some of our assumptions of winter fashion. How so? The Medallion Tote is what functional luxury is made of. This spacious tote is tastefully tapered for a more chic appeal. That means more space and less bulk! Like other Chanel bags, you’ll find it in either caviar or lambskin leather. With a variety of colours to choose from, one thing you’ll always find on a Medallion Tote is the interlocking CC design. Oh - and this Chanel CC logo bag wouldn’t be complete without its hanging medallion, of course. You’ll find our pristine collection. Another Chanel bag has got your heart? Make sure you’re set this winter, we have an exciting range of used Chanel bag.


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The Mamma Baguette is the extra roomy rendition of the Baguette bag that made waves in the late 90s. Featuring all of the same design choices that made the bag famous, after being touted as Carrie’s favourite bag on Sex and the City, the Mamma Baguette is a Fendi classic you won’t want to overlook. The Mamma Baguette is all about its low-hanging double F hardware buckle and its tapered profile. You’re essentially getting what the Baguette does best with all the extra space. Although this Fendi icon comes in a variety of special edition designs and different colourful options, our favourite has to be the vintage designer bag feel of the Zucca that we never get tired of. It just so happens that we have a varied collection of preloved vintage bags like the Mamma Baguette that we authenticate with our extensive years of experience. If this pre-loved Fendi handbag isn’t quite for you, we’ve also got a wide range of other Fendi creations that will be sure to catch your eye.

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No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. Well actually, they are. Don’t be alarmed, the mesmerising design of Loewe’s Puzzle bag is meant to grab your attention! At a glance, the bag seems to stick out or even in itself, but that’s all part of the modern look at this bag is going for. The fragmented appearance of the Puzzle bag is the unmistakable feature that distinguishes this bag from the rest. Some features we really like about the Puzzle as a winter bag are its low-hanging flat handle and its strap. You wouldn’t want to get this enigmatic piece dirty if it were to hang too close to the snow, now would you? Available in a variety of colours, you’ll find the Puzzle bag in the Nano, Mini, Small, and Medium sizes. Pick the size that suits your convenience and you’re all set to enjoy your own unique pre owned signature bag. Come take a look at our collection of second hand luxury bags such as the Puzzle.

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Sometimes you need a little shine, a little flair, on a cold drab day. The Horsebit collection features the iconic piece of hardware - a signature double ring and bar - that first made its appearance in 1953. It’s quite impressive how such a seemingly small detail in an accessory can be packed with history. Despite Gucci’s struggles to trademark their original design, Gucci lovers have always identified the Horsebit as a Gucci staple. Made out of gold or silver-toned hardware, bamboo, and what have you, the design of this detail screams Gucci from a mile away. There’s a reason the Horsebit has been proudly affixed to a plethora of shoes, bags, wallets, and accessories… If you’re interested in the Horsebit’s luxury bag allure, you’ll find what you’re looking for with us.


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Bucket bags don’t get nearly the attention they deserve. This unique bucket bag that will make you rethink about why you’ve been putting off buying one for so long. Of course, we’re talking about the Teddy Bucket Bag by Yves Saint Laurent. This bucket bag comes in a variety of sizes and colours, but one thing you’ll notice is its compact design which features a handy drawstring that secures the top of the bag. What we like about this design is that it has a more compact feel as you tighten that top drawstring. But really, it’s just plain hard to resist modern chic with that vintage-esque touch. Now, with all your daily essentials cosily tucked away from the unpredictable winter weather, all that’s left is to throw on the leather and chain strap onto your shoulder, and you’re all set! The Teddy Bucket bag is a favourite of ours, but we’ve got other bucket bags available so come see what second hand luxury is all about.

 Teddy Bucket Bag by Yves Saint Laurent


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We’ve already talked about iconic Gucci hardware above. It would almost be a crime to not mention the Bamboo Small Shopper, which features yet another iconic Gucci design. Simply known as Gucci Bamboo, the masterfully detailed bamboo is given a shiny finish that’s hard to not notice. When we’re talking about bags like the Bamboo Small Shopper, the handle is often dramatically pronounced. That’s hardly a complaint! Having more of that lovely bamboo to hold onto and more to admire is certainly what makes this bag such a unique piece. This luxury Gucci bag also features a smart divider and multiple interior pockets for ease of organisation. That’s more than appreciated when we’ve already got so much more to carry in the winter! Get your Bamboo Small Shopper here for a quality pre-loved Gucci handbag. Not your style but a lover of Gucci? We’ve got you!

Bamboo Small Shopper iconic Gucci design