Charles Paquin - Top 7 styles that men need in their closet

Top 7 styles that men need in their closet

We previously wrote about our top 5 styles we think you need in your wardrobe, but let’s not forget about men’s closets! Because men deserve luxury too. There are many different types of luxury bags and accessories out there that are perfectly suited for men to enhance their style. So, whether you’re reading this article looking for some style inspiration or you’re a friend or loved one who needs some gift-giving advice, let’s get into the different types of must-have luxury items that every man needs in their closet.


Carry all you need with a luxury backpack

Backpacks are almost mandatory for any man’s closet. They are first and foremost an extremely useful for when it comes to on-the-go carrying. As we all know, backpacks are wonderful for carrying everything you need while being extremely comfortable for an entire day on your feet. While any plain old backpack can do the job, there’s just something so satisfying about luxury backpacks that make them stand out. It’s probably due to the fact that most backpacks we see nowadays aren’t the most luxurious. Thankfully, many designer brands have created high-quality backpacks for men. Gucci backpacks like the GG Supreme Drawstring Backpack showcase what luxury backpacks are all about. Choosing a designer backpack over any regular backpack means you get quality and luxury you can feel to the touch. If you find yourself having to reach for a backpack on the daily, why not find something you’ll be happy to wear? Our collection of pre-loved Gucci backpacks may have what you’re looking for.

GG Supreme Drawstring Backpack

Everyday luxury with designer wallets

It’s often stated that a man’s wallet says a lot about the man himself. What would you like your wallet to say about you? We spend a lot of our time working to provide for ourselves and for others. If you have the chance, investing in a luxury wallet ties in together all of the hard work that you’ve achieved throughout the years. Designer wallets hold up better against wear and tear and are more likely to remain hole-less after years of using them. If nothing else convinces you about the utility of a good-quality luxury wallet, consider the fact that out of all the bags and accessories on this list, your wallet is something you’ll carry with you every day. If you're looking to make the upgrade, our selection of used designer wallets will be sure to impress.

 Logo Story Brazza Wallet



A quality travel bag is a must

A good travel bag is an absolute must, in our opinion at least. If you’re going to be travelling, why not travel in style? Luxury travel bags are designed to last you a lifetime if properly cared for, so it would make sense to invest in a bag that’s meant to last you in the long run. When we’re talking about luxury travel bags, we don’t have to look much further than one of the biggest names in luxury travel wear. Louis Vuitton started his brand as a luxury trunk craftsman, which eventually led to the creation of an iconic piece of travel history. The Keepall travel bag became the first travel bag to be created by Louis Vuitton in 1930. Still popular to this day, we can see why such a gorgeous travel bag has remained a fan favourite. We highly recommend the Keepall 60 Bandouliere version of this bag for maximum carrying capacity alongside its useful leather strap. However, we carry a diverse collection of used Keepall bags for your browsing pleasure.

Keepall 60 Bandouliere

Experiment with tote bags

We’ve seen an increase in men carrying tote bags over these past few years - and we’re here for it! Tote bags are an easy way to carry all you need for the day in an effortless manner. If you’ve been carrying an average tote bag around, know that there are plenty of amazing designer options out there. The Tessuto Tote bag by Prada is an excellent option if you’re looking for a more subdued luxury bag look. While on the more minimalist side, you’ll definitely still feel the luxurious feeling of Tessuto rubbing against your skin. You can check out our selection of pre-loved Tessuto Prada totes, if you’re interested. If Prada isn’t quite your style, we highly encourage you to check out our vast selection of designer tote bags from a variety of other designer brands. 

 PRADA Tessuto Tote Bag


Carry all you need with a messenger bag

Let’s talk about messenger bags. Designer messenger bags are great when it comes to offering comfortable carrying capacity with added ease of access. Often made to be sturdy with thick fabric, messenger bags ensure that all your personal items will be securely stored while you’re moving about during the day. Messenger bags can be worn across the body for added comfort or can simply be worn from the shoulder, it’s all up to personal preference. We’d like to highlight the Saumur 35 which is a luxury messenger bag by Louis Vuitton. The Saumur 35 offers all the space you’ll need for a day’s work at the office and looks the part too. If you’re looking for other preloved messenger bags, then look no further.


You can’t go wrong with luxury a briefcase

If you’re the type of person who likes to dress to impress at the office, luxury briefcases are going to be right up your alley. A good briefcase shows that you mean business. Designer briefcases are made with class and sophistication in mind - there’s no doubt about it. Take for instance the Porte Documents Jour by Louis Vuitton. Slim and perfectly designed for the office, your work and all you’ll need will be securely tucked away for your convenience. If you have to attend an important meeting, dressing the part helps to show how seriously you’re using other people’s time. Luxury briefcases help to really pull the part all together. Look at our collection of pre-loved luxury briefcases to get yours today.

LOUIS VUITTON Porte Documents Jour


Crossbody bags are for ultimate convenience

Crossbody bags are hands down one of the best ways to get around town for a hands-free day. Perfect for carrying all your daily essentials, you’ll notice all the difference when you’re travelling. Having a crossbody bag in your collection offers the flexibility of having the option of convenience. Some of our favourite crossbody bags are on the slimmer & more compact side, but it all depends on what use you’re looking to get out of one. The GG Supreme Crossbody Bag is one to look out for in case you’re wondering. You can find it among our collection of authentic pre-loved Gucci crossbody bags. For more crossbody bags, take a look at our entire crossbody bag collection to find the one that will best suit your needs.

 GUCCI GG Supreme Crossbody Bag


That covers the top 7 styles we think men need in their closet. If you have one of each of these types of bags and accessories, we think you’re set. You can always complete your collection by upgrading to a quality pre-loved luxury bag & accessory. In case you missed our last article, we previously wrote our sizing guide for our top 6 styles.

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