Matthew Young - Top 7 Louis Vuitton styles this Black Friday Month

Top 7 Louis Vuitton styles this Black Friday Month

Black Friday is right around the corner and you know what that means. Black Friday is the perfect time to shop for the holidays or even to spoil ourselves with a gift that’s worth all the year’s hard work. Once Black Friday hits, this November 25th, expect loads of amazing deals to be happening. In preparation for one of our favourite events of the year, let’s look to some of Louis Vuitton’s most popular styles which you may find among our current Black Friday Month deals - and beyond. 


Speedy 30 – a true Louis Vuitton icon 

Does the Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 speak to you? There may be a reason for that. The Speedy bag was in fact Louis Vuitton’s first-ever designer handbag and has managed to stay relevant ever since. You may be wondering why that is. The Speedy bag was actually made as a special request from Audrey Hepburn to be a more practical version of Louis Vuitton’s Keepall travel bag. Simply put, the bag was intended to be practical, comfortable, and beautiful. You’ll have no trouble at all when you need to quickly be out the door with all of your daily essentials. Because of how coveted this bag has been for over 85 years, Louis Vuitton has created many different iterations of the Speedy 30, of which we carry in our vintage collection. We find that the Speedy 30 is a great size from among all the other choices you can pick from. However, feel free to browse our diverse selection of used Louis Vuitton Speedy bags to find the right one for you. 




The Zippy Coin Purse – an accessory must 

Everyone needs a coin purse for their bag - at least that’s what we think. Coin purses are great little accessories that you can use to store all your important ID cards, coupons, receipts, and most importantly - coins. Our top coin purse at the moment is the Louis Vuitton Zippy Coin Purse, which features a very practical zipper to keep all your loose change in place. What we love the most about the Zippy Coin Purse is that it comes in a variety of different materials and colours that you’ll often find on some of Louis Vuitton’s most iconic bags. If you’re looking for a taste of preloved luxury by Louis Vuitton, starting with accessories is definitely the way to go. You can find the perfect used Louis Vuitton Zippy Coin Purse from among our vast collection. Another popular accessory to be on the lookout for is Louis Vuitton’s Zippy wallet, which you’ll find as a longer wallet with a zipper. The extra space comes in handy for bank notes and other little papers and things you may want to tuck away securely in one spot. You can check out our collection for yourself. 


LOUIS VUITTON Zippy Coin Purse


The Looping GM – for the artsy ones 

Are you surprised to see this bag on the list? The Looping bag is one of Louis Vuitton’s most distinct styles. We can’t think of many other bags out there with the same type of shoulder strap that gives the bag all of its character. On that note, the Looping’s strap isn’t just mesmerising to look at, but is also functional given that it folds into the bag, making it easier to store. If you’re someone with a penchant for an artsy look or who just loves distinct-looking bags, you may want to consider having the Looping bag in your collection. You’re guaranteed to have a shoulder bag with flare. Take a look at our collection to find the right preloved Louis Vuitton Looping that you need. You can choose from among the PM, MM, and GM sizes, according to your needs. However, the Looping GM is a popular choice given its convenient size which allows you to carry more of what you need throughout the day.   

Deauville – casual luxury

 If you’ve been looking for an easy to carry everyday handbag, the Deauville is one handbag to consider. We love “low-key” luxury pieces for casual wear and this piece by Louis Vuitton is sure to bring you lots of use when you’re trying to go about your day without worrying too much. The Louis Vuitton Deauville bag is designed as a simple everyday luxury piece which features one large compartment to easily store your daily essentials and four inside pockets for easy organisation of your smaller items. There’s truly nothing like casual Louis Vuitton luxury. Eager to get your hands on a Deauville handbag? You’ll find that there are quite a few to choose from in our preloved collection. As always, feel free to browse our diverse collection of other vintage Louis Vuitton purses, in case something is on your mind.  


Neverfull MM – Louis Vuitton’s most popular tote 

For the tote lovers out there - this one's for you. Louis Vuitton’s Neverfull is arguably their most popular tote to ever be released. The Neverfull is a true heavy-lifter and can easily fit whatever you throw at it. Its distinct shape and malleable structure have made it a fan favourite for those who appreciate being able to carry a little more than what’s necessary for a day out. Quick to be noticed at a glance, the Neverfull has become a true Louis Vuitton classic. The Neverfull comes in three convenient sizes: PM, MM, GM. Each with their own ideal use, you can get a better idea of what will suit you best with our size guide that we wrote for some of our most top styles. Take note that the Neverfull MM is popular as an in-between option, for the best of both worlds. No matter what size you choose, you’ll definitely be getting what you pay for - casual and functional luxury by one of the best names in luxury fashion. Browse our large selection of used Neverfull bags and find the right style to fall in love with.

 LOUIS VUITTON Limited Edition Kabuki Neverfull MM


Alma PM – an iconic Louis Vuitton bag 

One of Louis Vuitton’s most iconic bags… there’s a reason it’s been in demand for almost a full century. A cool fact to know is that the Alma was commissioned by Coco Chanel herself. So you know that the Alma bag is not one to pass on. The Alma bag is distinctly dome-shaped and is typically available in four different sizes for your convenience: BB, PM, MM, and GM. Because of its enormous popularity, Louis Vuitton has produced the Alma bag in various materials and limited-edition styles throughout the years. We love the Alma PM for its varied utility, since it is easy to wear for casual use, while also being very easy to dress up for more chic occasions. Don’t keep waiting for the perfect time to get yours. Come look through our wide collection of preloved Alma bags to find the one that suits you the best.  



Cabas piano – a simple tote to look out for 

If you find that totes with loose fabric aren’t your style, we’ve got you. Sometimes we need a little more structure in our lives and that’s what bags like the Cabas Piano are for. This Louis Vuitton tote is made to be more rigid than some other typical totes that you can usually find. While the Cabas Piano may not be able to fit as much as the Neverfull, it keeps its shape really well and allows you to easily put the bag down, given its solid base. We personally love smaller tote bags for their comfort, since they allow you to carry your daily essentials with a bit more room to spare. You can find the Louis Vuitton Cabas Piano in our collection of preloved totes. The Cabas is also available in sizes Mezzo and Alto, for extra room. Find all Louis Vuitton Cabas sizes from among our selection and choose the right one for you.  



We hope our list of top 7 Louis Vuitton styles for Black Friday Month has given you an idea of what to be on the lookout for this month. With amazing deals coming your way, you won’t want to miss your chance to get some of these iconic designer pieces by one of the most popular names in luxury fashion. In case you missed it last time, we previously wrote about the history of some of the best Chanel bags.  


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