Charles Paquin - Top 7 bags of Year of the Rabbit

Top 7 bags of Year of the Rabbit

Lunar New Year has many names around the world. From Chunjie in China to the Vietnamese Tet, the Lunar New Year or Spring Festival is celebrated by many different cultures in Asia. If you aren’t already familiar with Lunar New Year or haven’t investigated the specifics of the celebration, we’ve got you covered. Lunar New Year celebrates the beginning of the first new moon of the lunar calendar, typically lasting for 15 days. The celebration ends on the first full moon of the first new moon of the new lunar year. Depending on the cycles of the moon, Lunar New Year varies from year to year, but begins between the 21st of January and the 20th of February. This year, Lunar New Year begins January 22nd, 2023.


Lunar New Year is a time for cleansing the bad luck in one’s life, especially within the home. Hundreds of millions of people around the world get ready for the holiday by travelling back home and reuniting with family members for celebrations centred around the spiritual, ceremonial, and familial realms. There are twelve symbolic animals, each with their own traits, that rotate around the lunar calendar year by year. It takes 12 years for an animal sign to be celebrated anew. This year, the Year of the Rabbit is being celebrated. According to the Chinese zodiac, the Year of the Rabbit attributes softness and tenderness to those born this year and all previous years of the rabbit. In honour of the Year of the Rabbit, we came up with a list of bags that we think represent the Rabbit’s among us. If you know a Rabbit in your life or are one yourself, we hope to give you much inspiration for a much-needed gift that will push you in the right direction this year.


Rabbits are gentle

This Prada Giardiniera Tote is made from Canapa canvas and looks simply soft to the touch. Tote bags are meant to be comfortable, useful, and relaxed. One could say that soft tote bags are even gentle. That’s what we think when we look at this Prada tote bag. You won’t have to think twice about picking this tote up and carrying it with you for the day. While being soft, it contrasts its appearance with a structured and flared look. Take a look at a number of our other used Prada tote bags if the Giardiniera Tote bag has got you interested.

 PRADA Giardiniera Tote Bag

Rabbits are quiet

Rabbits are known for being low-key. They stick around to what’s familiar and don’t draw attention to themselves. The perfect “quiet” bag is one that is minimalistic and simple. We instantly thought of Celine for its take on everyday luxury bags that speak for themselves in the quality of their craftsmanship. The Celine Trio Crossbody Bag is a bag that’s not too loud, with a touch of bold. It features three separate zipper compartments, for ultimate organisation of your personal belongings. For more classically clean looks, come check out the rest of our amazing preloved Celine collection.

CELINE Trio Crossbody Bag

Rabbits are also elegant

Just because a rabbit is quiet, doesn’t mean that it won’t have its time to shine. Is there anything out there that screams elegance more than Chanel? This beautiful CC Matelasse Crossbody Bag captures all the elegance that Chanel is known for and beautifully represents what we think an elegant rabbit would wear for the finer occasions in life. As usual, one of our favourite features in a Chanel bag is the hardware that is masterfully crafted to elevate the bag. This specific Chanel bag has a beautiful gold-toned chain, a welcome sight for Lunar New Year. Gold symbolizes wealth and prosperity, something that Chanel represents. Come visit our selection, for more preloved Chanel bags that our amazing team of expert buyers have curated for you.

 CHANEL CC Matelasse Crossbody Bag

Rabbits need to be alert

A rabbit needs to be quick on its feet to thrive. Many Louis Vuitton bags come to mind, given the brand's history as a luxury travel brand. If you’re curious about Louis Vuitton’s history, we previously wrote all about that topic. The Jasmine bag from Louis Vuitton’s collection is a swift-looking designer handbag that we believe checks all the boxes. Its long and narrow body will allow you to pack everything you need for the day and zips closed with one convenient compartment you can use to be in and out of where you need to go. If you’re on the move, The Jasmine bag is ideal, and will have you looking good on top of that. Feeling inspired? Browse our collection of preloved Louis Vuitton bags for more travel-ready luxury bags.


Quick like a rabbit

Rabbits are quick. There’s no debating that. If we are going to honour the rabbit, we think that finding the perfect bag to represent its fast nature is important. If you’re going to be quick, you’re going to want to make sure that you have all your essentials secured and ready to go. While we’ve certainly had to run with our handbags in hand, we all know it’s less than ideal. Try running instead with a designer backpack, it’s much better! Loewe’s Anton backpack is an interesting designer backpack worth considering for your daily needs. However, if this designer backpack from Loewe doesn’t speak to you, you can always check out the rest of our preloved backpack collection to find the perfect bag for your needs.

 GUCCI GG Marmont Backpack

Be kind like a rabbit

Louis Vuitton’s Speedy bag came to mind when we started thinking about the kindness of the rabbit. We love the Speedy bag for its rounded features and ease of use. The Speedy was commissioned to be the more compact and everyday version of Louis Vuitton’s Keepall bag. What can be more kind than spreading the joy of this classic piece of Louis Vuitton history? If you aren’t sure which size to get, the Speedy 25 is a great starting size for personal items and won’t be too much of a hassle to carry when you’re on the go. Browse our diverse selection of used Louis Vuitton Speedy bags to find the right size you need.


Rabbit can be a little shy

If you know a rabbit in your life, chances are that they just might be shy. The perfect bag for a shy rabbit is one that will help them feel confident when they’re out running errands or meeting up at night for some long-awaited fun. The Louis Vuitton MyLockMe BB is simple and chic, with some flair. It features the iconic LV logo which acts as an integrated lock. We like to think of this bag as both bold and minimalist, if that makes sense. You can find tons of different preloved Louis Vuitton bags from within our collection. You’ll be guaranteed to find the right bag that will suit whoever it is you're buying for this Lunar New Year.


Happy Lunar New Year to those celebrating the Year of the Rabbit! We hope you got inspired by our list of bags for your next gift. For more inspiration, kindly read our last week’s article on the must-have trendy bags of 2023.


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