Charles Paquin - Our favourite bags that will inspire you this Fashion Week!

Our favourite bags that will inspire you this Fashion Week!

With Fashion Week upon us, millions across the globe are getting ready to see what their favourite designer brands have been working on and where they’ll be heading next. The anticipation is real, so let’s look at some of our favourite bags inspired by the creativity and style of one of the best weeks of the year. 


Pre-loved vintage bags never go out of style and here’s why.

When we think of iconic designer bags, each luxury fashion brand has their own claim to fame. For instance, Louis Vuitton will forever be adored for its Monogram Canvas, while those who love Prada know all about the brand’s uniquely pleasant nylon creations. For Bottega Veneta, the use of Intrecciato, meaning “braided” in Italian, has become synonymous with what the Bottega Veneta brand is all about. So, if you’re looking for a crossbody bag with flair, you may have just found it with the The Intrecciato Mini Pouch. The focal point of this bag is obviously its intricate woven leather, which allows the bag to be supple and robust for years to come. You could honestly look at the pattern all day and be mesmerised! And not only is Intrecciato pleasing to look at, it’s also a joy to touch. Aside from the impressive texture of the bag, the Intrecciato Mini Pouch is ideal for daily lightweight luxury. It will easily carry most of your daily essentials while being compact enough to not be a nuisance. Come take a look for yourself and get your hands on a second hand luxury bag fit for the runway. Our selection of Bottega Veneta vintage high end bags is something to be reckoned with-just like you- so we’re sure you’ll find something to your liking!

 The Intrecciato Mini Pouch second hand luxury bag Bottega Veneta brand


We carefully select the best used Prada purses has to offer! 

Prada has been a leader in luxury fashion for quite some time now. From creating masterfully crafted classics to pushing the boundaries of what we think we know of designer fashion - Prada knows what they’re doing. Case in point, the Italian fashion brand pioneered the luxury status of nylon in the designer world. Now that nylon seems to be everywhere, it may seem hard to believe that not all nylon is created equal. Well if you’ve ever held a Prada nylon bag in your hands you would know that that’s the simple truth.  But if you haven’t had the chance yet of touching the famed Prada textile, you would easily recognize it by its thickness and non-slip texture. The Tessuto Mini Shoulder Bag is our top pick for a nylon Prada bag that best embodies the spirit of Prada’s innovation with some of that runway spirit. This shoulder bag, made primarily from nylon, gives us that modern vintage feel from Y2K that’s hard to not feel a little nostalgic about. If you’ve been looking for a second hand designer bag that’s all about the Prada spirit then this shoulder bag might just be for you. If this Prada shoulder bag isn’t quite what you had in mind, take a look at these second hand shoulder bags from Prada.  LXR has also got an impressive collection of all kinds of second hand luxury bags that you won’t want to miss out on. 

 Tessuto Mini Shoulder Bag Prada Canada


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To the surprise of none, Gucci is a designer powerhouse with a rich history worth talking about. With over 100 years of luxury craftsmanship expertise, Gucci effortlessly keeps us inspired with their impressive number of iconic styles and designs. The Jackie Web Shoulder Bag is a perfect example of luxury history that’s here to stay. The first thing you’ll notice when looking at this Gucci purse is the iconic web design that has become as Gucci as the brand’s own name. There’s absolutely no mistaking the colour pattern that can be found on many of their vintage bags throughout the years. It’s no wonder the design has stuck with the brand for so long when those stripes evoke class and style in the blink of an eye! Of course, what we love the most about this shoulder bag is… the fact that it’s a Jackie Shoulder Bag! Formerly known as The Constance, this shoulder bag was so popular with First Lady Jackie Kennedy that Gucci decided to rename the bag in her honour. So if its look isn’t enough to convince you of its style - well perhaps its presidential seal of approval will! If you’re interested in looking presidential, we’ve got this very second hand designer bag right here for you. If you’re after the beautiful Web design, we’ve got plenty of used Gucci bags to choose from. LXR has a variety of used luxury bags in the Jackie style that you’re sure to appreciate.

 Jackie Web Shoulder Bag used Gucci bags


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Some of our favourite bags out there are a little less conventional than others. Let’s be honest, we all want to feel a little special from time to time! And there’s nothing quite like the feeling of owning a bag that sets us apart from the rest. The GG Crystal Crescent Hobo Bag just so happens to have a unique shape that we don’t see often. For one, it’s swooping crescent shape has a certain chicness to it that’s simply fun. You won’t have any trouble rocking its style as a day bag for when you’re out and about. When the sun goes down you’ll have an equally elegant crescent-shaped bag right on your shoulder for your most memorable nights. What we personally love about this Gucci purse is its enduring shine from the coated canvas that lights up the room. It really is no wonder that Gucci named the fabric “Crystal” after all. If you’re ready to brighten up your wardrobe you’ll find this luxury pre-owned designer handbag at LXR. For more amazing second hand designer bags, LXR has got you covered with Louis VuittonChanelPrada, and much more.

 GG Crystal Crescent Hobo Bag best designer second hand bags


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So far we’ve looked at quite a few runway-ready bags, though as chic as they are, you might be looking for a bag with a little more space. Fortunately for us, the right bag won’t make us sacrifice Fashion Week flair for that extra room. We’re talking about the GG Canvas 1955 Horsebit Tote Bag! Pretty much no one can complain when designer brands make luxury bags with all the convenience we need for a long day. This beautiful tote bag has all of the space you’ll need for the extra lifting you may need for the day. With more space also comes more of that gorgeous GG Canvas to marvel at. But between you and I - Gucci’s Horsebit is what brings it all together to make this tote bag something truly eye-catching.  The Horsebit is a Gucci signature that first made its appearance in 1953. Made out of gold or silver-toned hardware, bamboo, and what have you, the design of this detail screams Gucci from a mile away. There’s a reason the Horsebit has been proudly affixed to a plethora of shoes, bags, wallets, and accessories… Come check out this used Gucci bag at LXR, for authentic pre-loved vintage bags you can cherish for years to come. We’ve always got a great luxury vintage sale going on at LXR, so don’t miss out!

 GG Canvas 1955 Horsebit Tote Bag best pre-loved Gucci purse Canada


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This last bag, in our article that’s inspired by the creativity and style of Fashion Week, perfectly captures the essence of Louis Vuitton’s connection to its illustrious past and its ever attentive eye towards the future. Designed by the late Virgil Abloh, the Soft Trunk speaks to Louis Vuitton’s history as a luxury travel brand from the 19th century, while also making that modern connection to the brand's status as a modern designer powerhouse. You’ll notice the connection to the past through the bag’s vintage boxy shape. The soft edges are supported by metal corners for more character, blending your perception of soft and hard at a quick glance. What we find so interesting about this piece is all in the strap of the bag. The mix of leather and matte chunky chain blends the vintage and the modern for that streetwear penchant that Virgil Abloh was so renowned for. The Soft Trunk perfectly exemplifies the character of Louis Vuitton bags, something that Virgil Abloh understood entirely with his own legacy - as he pushed through the barriers of the luxury industry to show us that nothing is set in stone. If you would like to own this fantastic second hand designer bag, we’re sure to satisfy.

 Soft Trunk best Louis Vuitton bags second hand designer piece


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