Jacquelyn Cyr - Old Cèline

Old Cèline

Circular fashion has become an important part of my personal style manifesto over the last year – I buy vintage as much as I can, and I follow a rule of getting rid of a piece in my closet whenever I buy something new. When it comes to bags and designer accessories, pre-owned / consignment is my JAM. So I’m super happy I came across LXR and Co and their innovative Reluxury Restart program. With it, you can wear any of LXR’s handbags for up to 6 months, and once returned, you get up to 75% of the purchase price back in credit or 60% in cash when it’s time to move on to the next unique piece, which promotes a circular economy by prolonging the life of luxury goods and avoids the creation of new waste. I also love that it allows me to find unique archived pieces — like the holy grail, old Céline.

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