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The year is 2023 - you know what that means. A time for change, refreshment, new goals… whatever you want to focus on next! For us at LXR, the New Year promises a lot of potential and exciting new trends to look forward to. We can’t wait to see what our favourite designer brands have in store for us. To kick off the start of the year, we figured we’d come up with our own fun list of inspiring styles we hope to see more of this year.



Do you own a belt bag?

Who doesn’t love a good belt bag? They’re practical, comfortable, and stylish. What more could you want in a luxury bag? Belt bags are often seen as casual bags to wear for the day, but they don’t necessarily have to be. There are plenty of designer brands out there who create gorgeous pieces for us that can either be dressed up or down, depending on your own creativity. One of our favourite belt bags is from Dior and is based off of one of their most iconic luxury bags. The Oblique Saddle Bag is a belt back to be on the lookout for. Looking chic on the go has never been easier. You can find many of our preloved belt bags amongst our collection.

DIOR Oblique Saddle Bag


XXL bags are worth a shot

Last year we saw some XXL bags and clothing styles being produced from a wide range of designers. If you’re someone who loves to play with layers or you’re just starting out, there are plenty of designer bags out there that you can introduce to your wardrobe. Chanel’s Coco Cocoon Tote Bag is a great example of an oversized bag that’s made to stand out. XXL clothes and designs are popular in streetwear and can either be made to complete a whole look, or be made up of one piece to stand out. While we currently don’t have an XXL category yet, feel free to browse through our curated collection of preloved designer bags to find your ideal XXL bag.

 CHANEL Coco Cocoon Tote Bag


Classic top handle bags

As these things go in the luxury fashion world, styles come in and out of fashion. From logomania to faux fur, and everything in between. We certainly hope to see more top handle bags for 2023. Top handle bags are one of the best ways of adding a touch of the dramatic to your look. They have the possibility of looking extremely elegant with minimal effort. You just have to choose the right bag with the right handle. Louis Vuitton’s Mini Looping bag is one of our favourite top handle bags by the French designer brand. What we especially love in the Mini Looping is the folding capacity of its handle, which makes it easier to store or tuck away when you’re out for the day. We have many used Louis Vuitton Looping bags in our collection that you can explore.



Everyone needs a minimalist bag

You can never go wrong with something clean, simple, and minimal. Minimalist looks have been around forever and are part of what could definitely be considered as timeless. What exactly goes into a minimalist piece? It’s pretty straightforward. Look for simple pieces that are monochromatic and without complex designs or elements. A good minimalist bag should be able to complete any - and we mean ANY - outfit you have. That’s almost the entire point of a minimalist piece. A good example of minimalism is the Yves Saint Laurent Croc Embossed Sac De Jour Nano. Minimalism can definitely have some complexity in the details without being too overbearing. You can think of this minimalist bag as being subtly sophisticated. For more minimalist inspiration, look to the rest of our preloved Yves Saint Laurent designer bag collection.

YVES SAINT LAURENT Croc Embossed Sac De Jour Nano

Chain bags are always in

One of our favourite details in a bag has to be its handle or strap. If we think about some of the more iconic designer bags in fashion history, they all feature straps that make up a good portion of their renown design. You can typically find chains as either chunky or slim. Chain straps are a very popular design choice and grant a bag lots of character and glamour. Off the top of our heads, bags such as those from Chanel are known for their elegant gold or silver-toned chains. For a chunky chain look with character, look to the C Chain Shoulder Bag Small by Celine. It’s simple yet tasteful. For more from Celine, you can check out our preloved collection to find what’s right for you. 

CELINE C Chain Shoulder Bag Small

Something special with floral bags

We don’t see many floral bags out there, but we definitely should! Floral bags are simply fun and Fendi’s Mini Flowerland Shoulder Bag is a great case for floral style bags. There’s lots of creativity that can come from nature, which is an easy way to brighten up your look. You’ll find that many of the floral bags we carry are unique and one-of-a-kind. While we currently don’t have a floral collection, that may change at! In the meantime, feel free to browse through our preloved Fendi collection. You may be lucky enough to get your hands on a vibrant floral bag for yourself.

FENDI Mini Flowerland Shoulder Bag

Brighten up your collection

Looking to brighten up your collection? We can’t think of a colour more bright than yellow! There’s lots of potential for yellow to make a comeback in our lives! We often think of bright colours, especially yellow, as a summer colour but that doesn’t have to be the case. You can truly wear what you want, when you want. Having something vibrant in your collection is one way of easily brightening up your more muted wardrobe. All it takes is one accessory to bring it to life. We already love all of the yellow pieces in our designer bag collection and we hope to see more designer brands embrace this colour for the New Year. Check out what we have in stock and bring your collection to life.



This is our first article of the year and we hope you’re ready to read about what’s going to have us excited in 2023. More trends, more fashion tips, more LXR content, and more preloved luxury await. In case you missed it, we last wrote about our exciting Paris contest. While the contest is now over, you can read about it to get excited for our next contest!

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