Charles Paquin - Must have luxury gifts under $1000

Must have luxury gifts under $1000

Are you a luxury lover? Then you probably always have an eye out for the latest trends and designer bags out there. Unfortunately for many of us, we can’t always buy every bag we see - but we can dream! So, when you’re in the mood for a little luxury in your life, you may be wondering what to do to get a hold of that craving. When splurging on a new Chanel handbag is out of the question, simply look for luxury accessories to upgrade your wardrobe. To help inspire you, we’ve come up with a list of gift ideas along with some of our favourite luxury accessories at the moment. Because designer luxury accessories make the best gifts!


One-year anniversary

Arguably one of the most important celebrations between a couple. Finding someone who makes you happy and deciding to stick with them after a full year is definitely worth commemorating. To celebrate the occasion, we often think about getting meaningful gifts to show our appreciation for all of the time and attention that they give us. Luxury bracelets are some of the best gifts to both give and receive. They can easily be worn every day and can be brought mostly anywhere. Unlike a luxury handbag, it can be on you at any time to remind you of that special someone. The Chanel CC Logo Pearl Bracelet is the type of luxury bracelet that we have in mind. Chanel has a history of making designer jewelry and it shows. The classic CC logo instantly elevates your look with Chanel’s well recognised brand that’s known for its chicness. Whether a Chanel luxury bracelet is for a partner or yourself, you won't be disappointed by its splendour. We carry a selection of authentic vintage Chanel bracelets to choose from. If Chanel isn’t quite what you had in mind, no worries. We carry a large selection of used luxury bracelets from all of your favourite designer brands.

CC Logo Pearl Bracelet

Graduation gift

One of the most exhilarating milestones in life has to be graduation. Whether that’s for high school, college, or university, the excitement is real. Big gifts are frequently given to others and oneself as a way of rewarding the long years of hard work it takes to get a degree. Graduation only happens once, so why not make it count? Look your best while strutting across the stage to get your diploma. To help you remember your graduation while looking your best, consider buying a luxury necklace that you will cherish. There are many necklaces out there that can be worn. Luxury necklaces, like those made by Dior and Chanel, offer a level of quality and sophistication that’s hard to beat. The Dior Logo Rhinestone Pendant Necklace is an example of an elegant designer necklace worth considering. Rhinestone necklaces are bold and beautiful because of their ability to draw the eye. Find your graduation gift amongst our collection of used necklaces. If you’re just interested in designer jewelry and not looking for anything too specific, feel free to browse our selection of used jewelry & watches.

Dior Logo Rhinestone Pendant Necklace

The dream job & promotion 

Scoring a dream job or landing a promotion has to be one of the most satisfying feelings to experience. Both of these events validate all the time and hard work that have been put into building our careers. It only makes sense to reward such an eventful moment. A common gift for career related celebrations is to get a wallet. What better way to hold all of the money you’ll now be making? Our selection of used luxury wallets is quite wide, so take your time to find the ideal one. However, if we were to make a suggestion it would be an amazing Chanel wallet such as the CC Continental wallet. Nothing compliments a designer bag quite like a luxury wallet by Chanel. Besides being perfectly chic, continental wallets are the ultimate wallet because of their convenient size. Browse through our selection of used Chanel wallets to find what you’re looking for today.

CC Continental Wallet

Turning 30

Going from your 20s to your 30s is something to be proud of. People sometimes talk down about ageing, but often forget about all the life experience and wisdom that (hopefully) comes along with it. At 30 you’re going to want to sit down and take a moment to reflect on everything you’ve accomplished. Life is a process, so thinking about what you’ve done well and what you have yet to do is important. A fun way to reflect on the past is to attach it to something meaningful to it. You may know where we are going with this. Buying a nice pair of designer earrings is a great way to commemorate such an occasion. We have a weakness for Chanel earrings at the moment. Earrings such as the CC Logo Round Clip-Ons have a sophisticated allure that highlight maturity. The great thing about Chanel earrings in general is that they can be dressed down or up, pretty much no matter what the occasion is. Look through our collection of used Chanel earrings and be pleasantly surprised by what you find.

CC Logo Round Clip-on Earrings


If you know anyone who is retiring, you’ll know that a very common theme is to immediately begin travelling with all of their new found time-off. To help out that special someone, think about getting them a luxury travel bag that they can use and cherish forever. Authentic luxury travel bags tend to have a good reputation for their quality and durability given their craftsmanship and the materials used. Besides just being made to last, a true luxury travel bag will look chic and will elevate the whole travel experience. Bags like Celine’s Travel Bag just make the whole trip that much better. Look through our collection of used Celine travel bags to begin your search. However, if you’re curious to get more luxury travel inspiration, feel free to read about it in our article that we wrote about Louis Vuitton’s history as a travel brand.

Celine Travel Bag


We hope that you got inspired in your search for accessible pre-loved luxury. We don’t think that there’s ever a wrong occasion to celebrate with some of your favourite used luxury bags & accessories. In case you missed us last week, we wrote a little about Gucci and some of their most iconic styles.

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