Charles Paquin - Last-minute gift ideas for your holiday shopping

Last-minute gift ideas for your holiday shopping

It goes without saying, we all plan on getting our holiday shopping done as early as possible. But as these things go, sometimes it’s much easier said than done. Now, with the holidays coming to an end, there isn’t much time left to look for the perfect gift. If you’ve found yourself having to make some last-minute gift purchases, then look no further than our preloved designer collection. To get you started, we’ve come up with a list of easy-to-buy bags and accessories that will be perfect for that special someone who loves preloved just as much as you do.

The Alma - a special bag in our hearts 

The Alma bag is one of our most popular Louis Vuitton bags - and with good reason. This Louis Vuitton creation is one of the very first designer bags to be created by the brand. You’ll instantly recognise an Alma with its classic domed-shape and tapered profile. Its popularity sky-rocketed within a few years of its release and has been sought after ever since. If you’re wondering what size is best for you, don’t worry, we previously wrote about the different dimensions that are available. If you aren’t quite sure about the sizing, and you don’t usually need to carry around too much during the day, the Alma PM Bandouliere is a fairly good option to choose. At this size, you can expect to be able to carry all of your daily essentials with ease. We always recommend buying the Bandouliere version of the bag, since a bag with a removable strap is always more than welcome. Spending a little extra for the option of having a hands-free day is worth the money, if you ask us. We recommend this Louis Vuitton classic because of its easy availability! You can find a wide variety of preloved Alma bags in a range of styles and sizes in our Louis Vuitton collection.

LOUIS VUITTON Alma PM Bandouliere


Key cases - a taste of luxury

If you’re looking for a small gift, we recommend looking at our range of preloved key cases. We offer a large selection of Louis Vuitton key cases that are great to carry around your keys, loose change, and other small items you need to carry with you in one small compact location. Key cases made by designer brands feature the same styles and materials that all of their high-quality bags are made from. They are an easy choice to make when you want to offer someone a taste of affordable preloved luxury! The Louis Vuitton Key Pouch is a great choice, given that it’s made with a thoughtful zipper to secure all of your items and a handy key chain that can be used to clip on to your bag or clothes!

Designer belts - luxury you can wear 

In case you didn’t know, we carry more than just preloved bags in our collection. You can find a curated selection of various designer accessories and jewellery to choose from. We think that designer belts are an excellent way to effortlessly elevate your style. Designer belts can easily be dressed up or down, it all depends on what you’re wearing. The Constance Belt by Hermes features their iconic H logo that you can find throughout Hermes’ collection over the decades. While bags can sometimes be a very personal choice, the good thing about luxury belts is that they are universally in good taste. You won’t have to worry too much about what your lucky giftee will think, when it comes to the kind of effortless luxury you can expect from designer belts. Check out our selection of preloved designer belts, you may just be surprised by what you find.
HERMES Constance Belt

Preloved necklaces - a gift to cherish

If you want to give something that is a little more personal, you may be interested in the various designer jewellery pieces that we carry. Designer necklaces are designed with the same care and elegance that you expect to find in the very same designer bags that you know and love. We love that you can wear a true luxury necklace, no matter the occasion. Timeless gifts make for awesome presents, since they allow your lucky giftee to grow with them and get attached to your meaningful gift. Take for instance the Essential V Necklace by Louis Vuitton. This solid gold-toned necklace is simple yet elegant. You’d struggle to find a reason to have to take this designer necklace off. We offer a diverse selection of designer necklaces that you will simply fall in love with. You’ll see that many of our pieces are either vintage or vintage-inspired, come see for yourself.

LOUIS VUITTON Essential V Necklace

Bangles and bracelets - Complete the look

Just like the designer necklaces that we carry, designer bracelets can be just as personal of a gift than anything. If you have someone in mind who already owns every bag you can think of, luxury bracelets may be the gift to give. Luxury accessories are often neglected since we tend to want to focus on the centrepieces of our collections. Giving the gift of a luxury accessory is a sure way to complete someone’s look when they’ve been too busy finishing their core bag collection. One of the most renowned pieces of designer jewellery that you can find is the Hermes bangle. Pieces such as the Enamel Bangle MM Wide are beautifully decorated with unique designs that are detailed all around the piece. Many of Hermes’ bangles use enamel, which gives them their hypnotic shine. Our collection of pre-owned Hermes bangles will be sure to catch your eye. If Hermes isn’t quite your style, we do happen to carry many different kinds of bracelets from all of your favourite designer brands. Be amazed by the different options and find what you’re looking for today.
HERMES Enamel Bangle MM Wide


Clutch bags - Simple luxury in your hand

It’s one thing to have handbags and shoulder bags, it’s another to have a well-designed clutch for your nights out. A clutch is sophisticated and sleek or bold and loud. It all comes down to how you want to look for the night and what your style is like. But when you think of clutch bags, you think of galas and soirees. If the one you’re shopping for loves going out to events, a clutch may just be what you’ve been looking for. Bottega Veneta has gained quite the reputation as a luxury designer brand for their unique designs with personality. The Intrecciato Leather Clutch Bag is beautifully woven and will feel good in anyone’s hands. You can find more designer clutch bags in our collection that will have you wishing that you were buying for yourself (not that you couldn’t, if you really wanted to).
BOTTEGA VENETA Intrecciato Leather Clutch Bag

We hope you got inspired by our quick list of last-minute gifts for your holidays. We know how hard shopping can be for others, but we believe in you! If you’re interested, we have a gift guide that you can look through for even more preloved luxury inspiration. In case you missed last week’s article, we previously wrote about our 2022 end of year charity recap. Read more about where your donations have gone and how we’ve contributed together towards meaningful change.

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