Charles Paquin - It’s Fashion Week: Milan & Paris edition

It’s Fashion Week: Milan & Paris edition

Fashion lovers from around the world have been eagerly awaiting the start of this fall’s Fashion Week for quite some time now. With all the cancellations of in-person events over these past few years, we’re more than glad to see that things are getting back to normal. Now, in case you’re unfamiliar with the event, Fashion Week is a semi-annual week-long event which takes place across various cities around the globe. The four most popular fashion forward cities being: New York, London, Milan, and Paris. At Fashion Week you will see the latest collections by all of the major fashion brands and all of the different imagined styles that fashion designers have been working on. Fashion Week gives us a good idea as to what will be trending for the foreseeable next few seasons. But really, it’s just an excuse to have some fun and get us excited about revamping our own personal collections. This year, Milan Fashion Week (MFW) will be held from September 20th until September 26th, while Paris Fashion Week (PFW) will be running from September 26th until October 4th. Let’s go over some of the different trends and types of designer bags we expect to see on the runway this season - with an LXR twist! 


Chunky chains are in - again!

It is not uncommon to see non-Italian independent designers or other fashion brands whose countries aren’t well known for hosting their own Fashion Week. However, you can expect to mostly see Italian fashion houses at MFW. A popular Italian designer bag brand that has been turning heads as of late is Bottega Veneta. If you aren’t too familiar with the Bottega Veneta brand, it’s a brand known for unabashed bold designs that aren’t afraid to test the limits. We expect chunky chains to be making a serious comeback this upcoming season. A gorgeous luxury bag that truly encapsulates this ethos is The Casette. This designer shoulder bag features a stunning golden chunky chain along with a puffy pattern that complements it in a unique way. Many of Bottega Venetta’s are worth checking out, but we also have to give Chanel bags their dues for being on top of the chunky chain game for quite some time now. Chanel will be showcasing their new collection at PFW, but we expect to see the same chunky chain trend going strong over there as well. The 2022 Medium 19 Classic Flap Chanel Bag is another great example of a chunky chain bag done right. We love how Chanel is able to make something chunky yet classy at the same time. That’s due to Chanel’s long history as an expert in beautiful chain designs. You’ll find many of their intricate chain designs in their different shoulder bags in our collection. In case you’re looking to upgrade your own designer bag with a metal chain, chunky or not, we carry a wide selection of chains from Organize my Bag that will be sure to offer you some variability in your day-to-day style. 



Fuzzy fuzzy shearling

We’ve been seeing the return of shearling and faux shearling recently. It seems to be everywhere and on everything! As hats, coats, purses… you name it. If you’ve ever touched good quality shearling then you’d understand why. Shearling can be so soft to the touch that it can feel like a warm hug. Other than being pleasantly soft on the skin, shearling is simply too cute to look at when done right. The Limited Edition Teddy Shearling NeoNoe MM is a perfect Louis Vuitton purse that showcases the power of fuzz. If you’d like to get your hands on some of that softness, we offer a selection of used luxury shearling items. Louis Vuitton has a long history as a luxury designer that’s had to reinvent different bags and luxury items with a variety of luxurious materials. We’re hoping to see even more creations by Louis Vuitton with fuzzy textures in mind. You can get a look at our huge selection of used Louis Vuitton bags to see the impressive variety that exists from the iconic French fashion house.

LOUIS VUITTON Limited Edition Teddy Shearling NeoNoe MM


Camera straps - for your designer bag

Thick straps have been around for some time for designer bags. As can be seen with many luxury bags, such as the Saffiano Cuir Double Shoulder Bag, thick shoulder straps can complement smaller bags like nothing else. You’ll find Prada bags with thick shoulder straps in our collection, if you’re interested. That being said, “camera straps” are being seen more and more these days. A camera strap is exactly what it sounds like. While they are normally used for cameras, they’ve come into fashion because of their tasteful thickness which are also distinctively flat along with tapered ends. The great thing about this trend is that you don’t have to buy a whole new luxury bag just to be in fashion. All it takes is the right quality strap to add a little flair to your collection. A small price to pay, really. We are almost certain to see many brands showcasing their own bags with a variety of camera-like straps.

PRADA Saffiano Cuir Double Shoulder Bag



Logos… you either love ‘em or hate ‘em; even then, it’s often due to how well the logo is designed in and of itself. Logos are powerful. They convey meaning and feeling without having use a single word. For instance, think about one of the most coveted luxury brands out there: Chanel. Chanel’s iconic double C is a simple logo that evokes chic elegance, merely at a glance. For many luxury lovers out there, that double C is the only thing drawing them towards the brand. However, did you know that Louis Vuitton was actually the first luxury designer to create a logo for their commercially available leather goods? One of Louis Vuitton’s most iconic patterns, the LV quatrefoil monogram, was created in 1896. When great designs meet great logos, wonderful things happen. It’s astonishing to think that Louis Vuitton has been able to keep up the demand for their first logo after nearly 125 years! You’ll find a huge selection of used Louis Vuitton bags in monogram in our Louis Vuitton Collection. But let’s get back to logomania. Logomania, as the word implies, is a style that accentuates logos in an exaggerated manner, either through repetition or enlargement. It reached its height in the 80-90’s and has since reappeared sporadically. While Logomania appears to have died down these past few years, it seems like it will be making a bit of a comeback and we’re more than excited to see how every designer brand will be putting their spin on it.



It can be quite hard to predict what will actually be shown during Fashion Week, but we can make some educated guesses. Hopefully, we’re right about these upcoming trends. In any case, we’re very excited to see what our favourite luxury fashion houses have in store for us. If you missed our last read, we wrote about must have luxury gifts under $1000.

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