Charles Paquin - A Gucci story: 5 iconic styles

A Gucci story: 5 iconic styles

What’s more glamorous than a Gucci purse? While that may be a question up to subjective taste, the answer is undoubtedly “nothing” for many luxury fashion lovers out there. Now, whether you are a huge fan of the Italian fashion house or just an occasional buyer, you may or may not be aware of some of the Gucci basics. Let’s take some time to familiarise ourselves with true fashion history and some of Gucci’s most iconic bag styles that have stood the test of time.


How it all began

It all began with none other than the founder, Guccio Gucci, himself. Guccio had an early exposure to the world of leather making, given his father’s occupation as a leather goods maker. However, instead of following in the modest footsteps of his father, Guccio had already decided at a young age that grander things awaited him. Leaving his hometown of Florence, Guccio travelled to London to work at the glitzy Savoy Hotel as a bellhop. It was during this period of informal education that Guccio absorbed the lifestyle of the opulent clientele he aspired to cater to. Handling the luggage of the wealthy patrons gave him the much-needed inspiration to start his own luxury leather travel line. In 1921, Guccio opened up his very own shop in Florence where he sold luxurious suitcases and other handcrafted luxury goods. Through his hard work and dedication, by 1938, Guccio’s talents paved the way to Rome with the opening of a boutique in the city’s famous luxury shopping sector: Via Condotti. The Gucci fashion house spread like wildfire over the ensuing decades with the help of his family. Gucci would be seen opening in all the fashion hotspots across the planet, from London to Paris, and notably many major American cities. We all know THE two fashion icons that have become intrinsically tied to the brand - Jackie Kennedy & Princess Diana - but it wasn’t long before everyone else had Gucci on their lips. That being said, we have to acknowledge that Gucci’s journey wasn’t as straightforward and unchallenging as could be assumed. The fashion brand went through periods of restructuring, change, and even a family murder. Ridley Scott’s “House of Gucci'' offers some insight into the life of the Guccis at the end of the 80s. We highly recommend checking it out if you haven’t already. Now, you may be wondering what made Gucci so special to have dominated for over a century as a high-end designer bag brand. Trying to boil down such enormous success to a few styles is an almost hopeless endeavour. However, going over some of Gucci’s most iconic and timeless pieces can give us a good idea as to what the Italian fashion brand is all about. Let’s get to talking about these “oh so Gucci” creations that we just can’t get enough of.


The Horsebit

While not totally a secret, few know that the equestrian lifestyle of the wealthy was a significant influence on the early designs that came out of Gucci. The Horsebit perfectly encapsulates this given its design was inspired by the fancy saddles and other equestrian gear that the opulent clientele of the Savoy Hotel owned. Early on, the Horsebit was used to decorate footwear and became quite synonymous with the brand. It’s no wonder the wealthy at the time fawned over the sophisticated design. Thankfully for us, the Horsebit received a revival and has been seen on many Gucci bags and Gucci purses since. While the Horsebit is as Gucci as its double G emblem, the Horsebit is often thought of as a piece of true Gucci heritage that nods to its classy-inspired past. When we see the Horsebit on a used Gucci bag we can’t help but see its vintage appeal. Our selection of vintage Gucci bags in the Horsebit style is sure to get you started on your Gucci collection journey.

Horsebit 1955 Small Top Handle Bag


Gucci Bamboo

Gucci Bamboo can only be described as beautiful beyond measure. This interesting piece of Gucci history came about at the end of World War II. Like many of the major fashion houses at the time, the war had created a scarcity of materials to use for their bags due to restrictions, embargoes and other logistical problems. In order to keep up with demand for luxurious goods, many designers had to get creative and look for alternative materials. It was during this period that many of our most beloved styles were born. In Gucci’s case, this was when Italy could still import Japanese bamboo. Gucci developed a patented method to mould the bamboo to its desired shape in order to create the dramatic U shape that we love. In 1947, the use of bamboo and its interesting shape became an instant hit given its exotic and alluring appeal. Decades later, Gucci Bamboo was still well in demand and famously became a favourite of Princess Diana’s. Gucci has even relaunched a Diana tote bag in honour of the fashion icon and her love for the famed material. If you too would like to get a hold of luxurious Gucci Bamboo, our collection of authentic used Gucci purses may be of interest to you.

Bamboo Mini Top Handle Handbag


The Jackie bag

Few names perk the ears of fashion lovers quite like Jackie Kennedy’s. Forever known as one of the most stylish First Ladies, Jackie garnered quite the following as a forward fashion thinker of her time. Her sense for flair and sophistication was unprecedented and earned a soft spot in the hearts of many across the globe. So, when Jackie Kennedy was seen wearing the formerly named “Fifties Constance” bag by Gucci - fashion history had just taken place. The designer bag’s classy silhouette became a classic hit for Gucci and received many revivals and reimaginations throughout the years. More importantly, this Gucci IT bag was renamed in honour of the First Lady. Thus, the Gucci Jackie bag was born. If you’re new to the Jackie bag, you can tell by its stylish centre-piece strap and Gucci Piston Lock combination. You will often find this vintage Gucci bag in a plunging cut that brings the silhouette of the bag down to its middle. Our collection features both vintage-styled Jackie bags as well as New Jackie reworks. You’ll easily find our certified authentic pre-owned Gucci bags.

 Gucci New Jackie Handbag


The Diana bag

Speaking of iconic fashion trendsetters, we would be remiss to forget about Princess Diana’s influence on Gucci. Diana was known for her love of luxury fashion and was often seen wearing anything from the most sophisticated styles to the most unassuming designs. As mentioned previously, what was initially a Gucci Bamboo tote bag has just recently been renamed in honour of Lady Diana in the form of a new collection. The Gucci Diana bag is inspired by one of Lady Di's favourite Gucci bags. A simply gorgeous square tote with Gucci Bamboo. Unfortunately for us, this vintage Gucci bag is somewhat hard to come by. We encourage you to check out Gucci’s new collection if the Diana bag has taken your breath away. We do, however, carry a large selection of Gucci totes that may give you the inspiration that Princess Diana found in Gucci herself.

GUCCI Diana Bamboo Shoulder Bag


Luxurious GG Canvas

Let’s talk about canvas. We all know and love GG Canvas in all of its forms. But have you ever wondered how Gucci’s famed double G canvas came to be? Like most luxury fashion houses at the time, the wars of the 20th century led to leather shortages for commercial use. Gucci had to find a solution to make their bags and turned to the unassuming canvas material that they would elevate through their own patented method. Part of their new creation was to decorate the canvas with patterns that evoked a feeling of luxury. This first attempt came in the shape of diamonds (Gucci Diamante) that were diagonally spread across the fabric. However, it was by the 1960’s that the new GG logo elevated the diamond format - giving us the iconic design that we know today. Our favourite canvas design at the moment is GG Supreme, from which many of our used Gucci bags are made from. We also carry a large selection of used purses in the GG Canvas that you’ll simply adore.

GUCCI GG Supreme Tian Satchel


It’s no wonder Gucci has been such a fan favourite throughout both time and space. Given that their most iconic styles continue to grow strong, we can’t wait to see what other secrets they plan to re-release from their archives. If you’d like to learn more about other luxury brands and their interesting history, we previously wrote about Louis Vuitton’s history as a fashion luxury brand. We find that it’s always fun to learn more about our favourite brands by putting into perspective the history and context that helped them become what we know today. If you missed our last article, we wrote about luxury designer accessories you’ll want to keep an eye out for.

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