Charles Paquin - An LXR Valentine's Gift Guide

An LXR Valentine's Gift Guide

Love is in the air, pre loved handbags that is! With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, let’s take a look at iconic luxury bags that will make your heart melt.

What's more Valentine’s than the LeBoy Flap Small bag? Of all the red handbags out there, the cherry red version of this Chanel beauty is simply mesmerising to look at. Instantly recognizable by its tasteful thickness and rounded features, the LeBoy Flap Small is a bag with character. We love the chunky chain and the matching button clasp that brings everything all together to make a truly unique Chanel bag with attitude. When you’re out on a date, there'll be no mistake that you mean business! Come find this beautiful pre loved vintage bag at LXR for the best 2nd hand Chanel handbags we have to offer. If your heart is set out on another used Chanel bag we’ve got what you’re looking for!

 Le Boy Flap Small bag


We find and certify the best Louis Vuitton second hand bags we can get our hands on!

This Avalon MM bag comes in a popping red that’s sure to catch the eye. If you’re wondering what else it is about this bag that’s calling to you, that would be the Monogram Vernis finish which gives it its glossy texture. Now, sometimes we want to be flirty and carefree with our style, but we often need to carry a little more with us for the day. The Avalon MM is a simple yet chic Louis Vuitton tote that will have no problem carrying all you need. We’ve got what you’re looking for at LXR for a used designer bag you’ll fall in love with. We’ve always got great deals on second hand luxury LV bags that are carefully selected, so come see for yourself!  

 Avalon MM bag


Vintage designer bags are our speciality!

If you’re looking for a Valentine’s inspired handbag with more flair, the Sherwood PM may just be the bag for you. Made from Louis Vuitton’s Monogram Vernis, the deep red colour of this bag is alluring to say the least. This unique Louis Vuitton handbag is a favourite of ours for its chic structured shape and large straps that comfortably rest on the shoulder. Whether it's for a night out or to display a touch of your warm personality, the Sherwood PM is an excellent choice to showcase what you’re made of! Come take a look at this shining star for a pre loved Louis Vuitton bag you’ll cherish for years to come. If the red Sherwood PM isn’t quite your shade, we’ve got other colours that you may just suit you.  We carry the finest authentic used Louis Vuitton handbags, that’s an LXR promise!

 Sherwood PM unique Louis Vuitton handbag


Find the Gucci bag of your dreams at LXR for a used Gucci bag you can be sure is authentic.

We often like to reminisce and point to the past when life seemed simpler. Long walks in the park and picnics by the oak trees come to mind. There’s something about canvas bags that embody the idea of old-time romance. The GG Supreme Neo Vintage Backpack is a bag that reminds us of that feeling. This elegant bag features a drawstring closure and brass toned hardware that bring out a true vintage-esque feel. It’s perfectly paired with a more modern yellow strap to ground us in the present, a perfect marriage between the then and now. If this Gucci pre loved bag speaks to you, we have what you’re looking for. Of course, we also carry a large selection of used Gucci tots and used Gucci items that might be more your style.

 GG Supreme Neo Vintage Backpack


Give some love to the pre owned bag of your dreams.

Pamper yourself with this fine Bottega Venetta Intrecciato Large Leather Pouch. Made from Intrecciato leather, this beautiful burgundy pouch will have no trouble at all holding your cosmetics, skincare, and other essentials for some selfcare. This versatile pouch is also great for sorting all sorts of personal items for when you’re on the go and want to make sure you’re carrying what you need in style. If this piece is exactly what you’ve been looking for, you’ll find this second hand designer bag at LXR! We’ve also got a great selection of used designer pouches  to explore!

 Bottega Venetta Intrecciato Large Leather Pouch


Hold everything you love with pre owned Louis Vuitton bags.

The Monceau GM exudes sophistication. That’s the kind of office chic we love to see! There’s something about black that’s just so attractive when done right. This bag features gorgeous black epi, a signature for Louis Vuitton bags, which adds texture and depth to the bag’s elegant shape. That being said, we really love the gold-plated hardware that draws our attention to the sophisticated look of this bag. No matter the time or place, you’re pretty much set to leave straight from the office for that night out. Now that’s versatile luxury for you! Come get this authentic black Louis Vuitton handbag with LXR for luxury bag resale you can trust. 

 Monceau GM Louis Vuitton bags


For the men who deserve some designer luxury in their lives.

The Saffiano Leather Work Bag is the kind of luxury bag that most men need in their lives. Practical, durable, and stylish, Prada knows what they are doing when they design fantastic designer bags for men. This bag is made from durable Saffiano leather that’s scratch resistant while being pleasant to the touch. The inside of the bag features pockets and a zipper compartment for easy organisation, while the main compartment is ideal for carrying a laptop and documents to work or for travelling. The attachable strap that comes with the bag is what makes this bag so practical to carry around when on the go. But if we’re being honest, it just looks really nice to look at. You’ll find this luxury pre owned designer handbag with us at LXR! There’s also no harm in looking for some Prada for yourself. 

 Saffiano Leather Work Bag luxury bag


It’s hard to go wrong with Louis Vuitton!

We love classy and that’s exactly what the President Classeur Briefcase is. This briefcase reminds us of Louis Vuitton’s travel case roots that started it all. So a man who carries this real Louis Vuitton bag is sure to turn the heads of vintage and luxury lovers alike. We love the sharpness of this piece while also offering a lot of space to display the iconic monogram canvas that we can’t get enough of. The elegant gold-plated hardware is supplemented by the leather top-handle for that antique feel. You’ll have no issue carrying your important documents for work and you’ll have even less of an issue making a statement with this unique piece. Come check out this retro Louis Vuitton case for a Valentine’s well spent. If you want to buy other LV pre owned authentic bags for the man in your life, we guarantee we’ve got what you’re looking for! 

President Classeur Briefcase real Louis Vuitton bag